How to do water marble nail art

Water marble nail art creates a fantastic nails but it’s a tricky technique to master. It takes a few tries to get good results.

You will need :
- toothpick
- tape
- a small cup of water at room temperature
- base coat
- nail polish ( two or more colors of your choise ). Not all polishes are good for this tehnique. Those with more liquidity spreads better.
- top coat

Here’s how to do water marble nail art :
- apply a base coat of your choise
- tape around your nails, as close as you can, to avoid a big mess later.
- use a cup of room temperature water and add a drop of polish from a low height to see how it spreads out. Keep adding drops to the centre, alternating colors, until you have a design of your choice.
- create a design with a toothpick
- place the finger directly above the part you like and submerge it. Don’t remove from the water until you pull away the excess polish by wrapping it around your toothpick.
- finish with top coat and you’re done!
- take carefully the tape off



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